These Shoes - A Spiritual and Poetic Journey (PB) (2021)

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You prepare a table before me

In the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil.

My cup overflows.

(Psalm 23:5 REV)

I used to ask the Lord to fill my cup. Then one day, it occurred to me that if my cup was only filled, then that's only enough to bless and hold me. So I prayed to the Lord about it. He (?) me to my heart a to the Holy Spirit, who put a little extra somethin', and I began to experience an abundance of the Spirit. I thanked God that day because I had experienced overflow.

Overflow allows every willing human being to spread that extra spiritual energy to someone whose cup isn't quite full. It's commonly manufactured from within and spills out like lava from a volcano. It is extremely contagious. But the feeling is simply unbeatable. Christians that are working a foundation from inside out most times will always experience overflow.

Overflow is that substance that starts churning and burning within your soul. It's too much to keep to yourself. Like patterns of the Holy Spirit, it spews out without permission or warning. That's when you know deep down in your soul that you have experienced exactly what you were created for: sharing the joy and good news of Christ, helping others, lifting spirits. Once you experience overflow, it's an act that you will crave for eternity. When our cup is full, we begin to feel inadequate and may even sometimes question God, especially when we see others going through hard times and we can't help. We tend to feel useless. We need overflow to conquer those feelings. The Bible is always urging us to help and serve others. If you are only serving God and not serving your fellow brother or sister, then sadly that person will not experience overflow.

Special dedication to Ja'Mal Green; #1 Activist in Chicago, IL, Black Lives Matter & All Organizations and active Generations from Boomers thru Gen Z; determined to protest Social, Racial, Religious and Economic injustice plaguing Our Society Worldwide.


Evelyn Barnes
ISBN 10:
Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
March 22, 2021
Age Group:
Children & Young Adult

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