Grown Little Girl (PB) (2020)

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From the time fifteen-year-old Nyla was old enough to really understand things, she knew that she was different. Although she didn't want to be like her mama, who was fucking and sucking every dope boy in the hood, hoping to come out on top, she did yearn for attention from her old junior high school crush, Pete. Pete was a young dope boy trying to make a name for himself in the streets and in the process made his way into Nyla's heart, but after stumbling upon something unspeakable, Pete decided he wanted more than just her heart.

Pete and his friend Cedrick ultimately created some tension between the crew, causing themselves to be blackballed and forced out the game by Jay, who was the man in Cincinnati.

While dealing with a life-altering experience, Nyla came across someone who would soon help her discover the beast within her. Jamal was a twenty-three-year-old boss! Tall smooth dark-chocolate skin, bowlegs, and the most perfect set of white teeth she'd ever seen. Oh, and his body was pure perfection. Jamal took no shit! He was very serious and hardly ever showed that smile, but when he met Nyla, she gave him reasons to let a softer side to show.

After being struck with yet another devastating blow, Nyla's best friend Shay told Jamal of the horrific things that had happened to Nyla, thus thrusting them both into a world that they never thought that they would know, let alone be a part of. Nyla jumped in the game with both feet under the guidance of Jamal and the rest of the crew as she found the woman within. The days of being that passive little girl were over! It was time to start making some real boss moves, grown-woman shit, and she was here for it!


Alicia Reynolds
ISBN 10:
Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
February 24, 2020

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