The Faithful Side Chick (PB) (2023)

This book will ship on Jul 25, 2023
An unsuspecting wife finds herself in a love triangle that threatens her safety when her husband's side chick decides she wants
her out of the way.

Brooklyn is a fierce, no-nonsense woman who is about stacking paper and building a good life. Meeting the handsome Jihad was pure coincidence, but she quickly catches feelings for this smooth-talking brother. A whirlwind romance develops between them, and before you know it, Brooklyn is thrown in a love triangle she was not aware of. Common sense and her Ivy League education couldn't prepare her for what is to come in her once quiet life .

Alyssa is a money-hungry side chick on the prowl for her next victim. As fate would have it, she crosses paths with the lying, two-timing Jihad. She uses sex and her good mouthpiece to snatch his soul up. Not caring about his wife and determined to become his main squeeze, she and Jihad concoct a devious plan to get his wife out of the way.

Jihad is every woman's dream: ambitious, sex game on point, and a mouthpiece that will have the ladies squirming in their panties. He hits it big when he marries the well-off Brooklyn, but with no good intentions and his narcissistic behavior, he quickly puts a plan into motion that will have deadly consequences. With jealousy, murder, and greed mixed together in this web of deceit, there can be no happy ending in this twisted love triangle.

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Racquel Williams
ISBN 10:
Urban Books
Publication Date:
July 25, 2023