Why Should I Wait (PB) (2020)


The author attended university in Switzerland. When he arrived in Geneva, he met students from many countries: Egypt, Iran, Tunisia, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Liberia, the Gold Coast (Ghana), Mali, Nigeria, etc. He was the only student at the time who was born and raised in Accra when the Gold Coast gained its independence so his friends gave him the nickname Accra Man, hence the title of the book.

The book Accra Man is an extraordinary account of a determined man who went through a lot of suffering to reach and surpass his goal. Most people would have given up when his trusted friends abandoned him in Paris, France, or when he finally graduated and became a doctor. Instead he got the courage to press on to get postgraduate qualifications in France, Switzerland, the United States of America, and Canada-eleven in all. It is a landmark work of social and cultural history.

He avoids the brownnosers, those who praise you in your presence but speak ill of you behind your back.

Omaboe admits that giving in to despair would have been easy. Instead he chose a personal voyage of discovery in an effort to get to the bottom of things. It requires more than courage and confidence in oneself to politely turn down an offer to join the teaching staff of a world-class medical school to enter the darkness of the unknown and succeed. He believes that anyone who puts himself in his world and thinks life is easy has never really lived.

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Narh Omaboe
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Page Publishing, Inc.
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March 5, 2020