The Impossible (PB) (2019)


Does God put discouragers in our path to create discomfort? Can the disquiet of not belonging be of Him, to spur us into forging ahead to places unknown? Can He use the illiterate to build empires? Can He restore broken hearts and enable forgiveness for the most crushing of transgressions? What could happen if we believed God was in the midst of it all?

Once upon a time, a simple girl and a simple boy fell in love. This was back in the time when marriage did not succumb to suffering or unkindness. It survived pride and envy. It was not expected to be perfect. It bore and believed and hoped and endured. The girl opened herself up to the boy and he propelled into her love. And they bound to one another and multiplied.

They fled from a world of hate and settled someplace safer. But evil found them. And they fell. They forget for just an instant, about love. They couldn't feel it, so they thought it was dead. They mistakenly understood it to be buried under the hate they'd tried to escape. It was still there. Merely disguised in pain and fear. The girl and the boy limped through life, defenseless. But He whispered...

This is their story...

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Joiya Morrison-Efemini
ISBN 10:
Covenant Books
Publication Date:
April 24, 2019