The Oath of Innocence (PB) (2018)


It was the summer of 2007, a warm quiet Friday morning. The shiny blue Maserati pulled up to a large house that was surrounded by a tall black iron gate. The man pulled a device from the dashboard, pressed a button, and the gate slowly opened. The car stopped next to a black 600 series Mercedes Benz. The man smiled as he got out of his car because he knew he had special company waiting for him inside the house. Just before the main gate closed, the man could see a silver Porsche coming up the long driveway with personalized license plates, which read "The Savior." A few minutes later, another car pulled up to the driveway, and it was another Mercedes with a booming sound system playing a BB King song. This day was the forty-eighth anniversary of the day they pulled off one of the biggest bank robberies in history. It was history-making because they were in elementary school at the time. They would meet each year on the anniversary of the robbery at one of their homes where they would decide which agencies would become the recipient of their yearly $25,000 donation.

The Oath of Innocence tells the story of navigating the impossible, devotion to family, and valuable lessons learned.

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Russell Mosley
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Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
October 2, 2018