The Proving Ground (PB) (2020)


A time before you knew your innocence was on the line. Before you knew what was destined for you outside your front door, the future holds no bounds for the unfortunate when it comes to the struggle of livelihood, where it's hard to fit in or keep up, especially in a cold and abrupt world we seem to live in. Similar to the animal kingdom, these days and times it was Eat or be Eaten! or it could've been Survival of the Fittest! Fast living and fast moving leading to crash dummies and crash sites. A never-ending cycle that must be broken and to where a Messiah could have possibly been born! A Phoenix from the ashes there is, arose to make a way for his family to live a good life, but at what expense does this cost him? Friends, family, and loyalty is just a few chips that was scrapped of the ice block we call the Hustle game!, in order for him to reach the top pinnacle of success.

A long journey and serious of tests befalls on the back of this young man and his sworn comrades to do whatever it is to survive in these streets. The streets of the Proving Grounds, Where you prove your worth, or your worth is meaningless!

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Karl Buck Rodgers
ISBN 10:
Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
March 10, 2020