Abolition: Politics, Practices, Promises, Vol. 1


A major collection of essays and speeches from pioneering freedom fighter Angela Y. Davis

For over fifty years, Angela Y. Davis has been at the forefront of collective movements for abolition and feminism and the fight against state violence and oppression. Abolition: Politics, Practices, Promises, the first of two important new volumes, brings together an essential collection of Davis's writing over the years, showing how her thinking has sharpened and evolved even as she has remained uncompromising in her commitment to collective liberation. In pieces that address the history of abolitionist practice and thought in the United States and globally, the unique contributions of women to abolitionist struggles, and stories and lessons of organizing inside and beyond the prison walls, Davis is always curious, always incisive, and always learning.

Rich and rewarding, Abolition: Politics, Practices, Promises will appeal to fans of Davis, to students and scholars reflecting on her life and work, and to readers new to feminism, abolition, and struggles for liberation.


Table of Contents:
Abolition, Volume 1: Politics, Practices, Promises


Introduction by Angela Y. Davis

Capitalism, Democracy, and the Prison

The Prisoner Exchange

Prison: A Sign of U.S. Democracy?

Inside/Outside: Women at the Borders of Globalization


Slavery and the U.S. Prison: Genealogical Connections

From the Prison of Slavery to the Slavery of Prison: Frederick Douglass and the

Convict Lease System

From the Convict Lease System to the Supermax Prison


Disarticulating Crime and Punishment: Emerging Abolitionist Frameworks

Race and Criminalization: Black Americans and the Punishment Industry

Changing Attitudes Toward Crime and Punishment

Public Imprisonment and Private Violence: Reflections on the Hidden Punishment of Women


Rethinking Incarceration: Identifying the Prison Industrial Complex

Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex

Race, Gender and the Prison Industrial Complex: California and Beyond


Incarcerated Women: The Netherlands, the United States, and Cuba

Women in Prison: Researching Race in Three National Contexts

Incarcarated Women: Transformative Strategies

Fighting for her Future: Reflections on Human Rights and Women's Prisons

In the Netherlands


Internationalism and Abolition

Statement for Dream Defenders Program on Palestine

Farewell to Rasmeah

Prisons and Palestine

Without Racism, Democracy Is Better

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January 30, 2024