Autistic Now... at Twenty Years Old?


This book, although entitled "Autistic Now . . . at Twenty Years Old?," could be applicable to any difficult situation one suddenly finds himself thrust into. I wrote about my ups and downs after having received such a devastating diagnosis and how God's love, grace, and favor helped me to look beyond myself to see the needs of another. It was truly His words, the scriptures I've included, that kept me. 

It is my hope that they'll encourage someone else even at his wit's end. I wrote about how I initially internalized the behaviors demonstrated by my daughter, considering them to be defiance and disrespect, when they were in all actuality, her way of telling me nonverbally that something was not right. She was not OK; she needed me in another way. A way in which I was unaccustomed to ministering to her.

It is my hope that some parent, sibling, spouse, or even employer will be benefitted as I did and learn to see (recognize) the other person and his reasoning for acting out; that the reader will realize that life is not always about him and that we have to learn to step outside of ourselves to see the hurts and pains of others, to serve them. Jesus did that. Why shouldn't we?

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Janet Lenore Harris
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
July 24, 2017