The 21st Century Handbook: Cultural Chaos, Real Men, DNA, and Dragons (HC) (2020)


Censorship, Harvard storytelling, judges making law, pseudoscience, and dinosaur deception!
Those are just some of the answers that explain how America slipped into this 21st century "Cold Civil War," a phrase now heard more and more. A deepening cultural chasm is spreading across the fruited plain, engulfed with a palpable national angst, and the people--especially those in flyover country--are wondering, what is going on?!
We're dealing with horrific and unprecedented mass shootings by troubled young men; unfathomable power and influence by Silicon Valley and Big-Tech; gender and sexual confusion and dysphoria at every turn; academic revisionist history and censored science; a mainstream media that has lost the people's confidence; and now an un-camouflaged attack by the secular left on real manhood, fathers, and the traditional family. Some historians believe culture is religion externalized. Is America's moral compass cracked beyond repair? We the People need to come together and figure this out, but it's complicated; everything is affected . . . and related. Assistance is needed before everybody drowns in this sea of political correctness. The people need a Handbook.
Dr. Johnson has been a practicing General Dentist for over 35 years in North Carolina after growing up in Charleston, West Virginia and receiving his B.S. in Biology and Doctor of Dental Science at West Virginia University. His love of the natural world and the outdoors as well as enthusiasm for learning about history and science has led him to research these interrelated topics and share his findings with others. Dr. Johnson has taught Bible and History to college students, and presentations about science and the Bible to church and student groups of all ages. He has certificates in Homeopathic Medicine, is a health and wellness consultant, and served on the Union County, NC Board of Health for nine years. He has contributed numerous articles and commentaries to newspapers, but this is his first book.

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Robin D. Johnson
ISBN 10:
Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date:
June 4, 2020