In Love with the King of Harlem (PB) (2019)

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Qua loves Wynner. Wynner loves Qua. Easy enough, right? But Wynner comes with two brothers who can't stand Qua with their baby sister. In spite of it all, with faith, his word, and his love, Qua grabs Wynner's hand and marries her at the courthouse. Flash forward five years, and Qua has kept all his promises to Wynner, supporting her through constant illness. As a wife, she's supposed to nurture and cater to her husband, but she's always sick, and she feels like less than a wife. When Qua's childhood friend comes to the city, she's sure to shake things up between the couple. Will they take their vows to heart?

Uzi is feared by everything with a beating heart in New York. He has no time for a steady woman, but when a smart-talking bartender at his favorite strip club catches his eyes, he chases her like a lion does an antelope.

Remi is so over men wasting her time that she doesn't want to play. Working two jobs, she has no patience for games. When Uzi approaches her at work, their worlds collide at full force. In a "situationship," she continues to ignore Uzi until it becomes too much to handle. Will Uzi eventually shoot an arrow in her heart?

Remi's younger sister, Tweeti, was always overlooked as a child. Now, all the boys who played her for being plus-sized are same men chasing her. Tweeti doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. One week she wants to save lives; then the next she wants to take them. When Jahquel rolls into her life, she's taken aback. Will he eventually capture her heart?

Jahquel used to run the same streets his older brother now owns. A gunshot to the back stopped that, but it didn't stop his ruthless and rude demeanor. Being paralyzed limits some things, but when he runs into Tweeti, he feels like the sky is the limit. He is determined to break down her walls.


Jahquel J
ISBN 10:
Urban Books
Publication Date:
October 29, 2019

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