Is There Really a Shortage of Good Black Men?: Restoring the Connection Between African American Men and Women (HC) (2010)

Where are all of the good Black men? Are they dead, in jail or gay? Or is there more to it? Is There Really A Shortage Of Good Black Men? seeks to empower all African-American relationships. It strongly supports the significance of reinforcing all associated truths and dispels every myth created against the unification of Black men and women. From historical facts rarely discussed within homes and social settings, to easy-to-use techniques and methods, this book brings direct attention to a wide variety of issues related to the idea of there being a shortage of good Black men. Whether it is illegitimacy, infidelity, homosexuality, or abandonment, many can relate to these deep-seated topics. It also teaches techniques that will bring success to women longing to build a supportive foundation in quality relationships with worthy men before they begin their search. Aaron Anwar Smith grew up in Washington, D.C. He now resides in Columbia, Maryland, and works in the information technology industry. As a single African-American man, he used personal experience in addition to the accounts of others to serve as the inspiration for this book. He hopes it will promote thought among readers, not solely toward their personal relationships, but their ideas of purpose, empowerment and legacy. He plans to continue working within the community holding seminars, speaking engagements and writing more books in an effort to inspire others.
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Aaron Anwar Smith
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Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
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February 27, 2010