Perfectly Addicted (PB) (2009)

Introduction Camille is a successful pharmaceutical representative who has it all going for herself. She is sophisticated, sexy, and can pay her own way. She has two best friends, Pam and Tara, and they are like the sisters she never had. Camille is also single and a little skeptical about the whole dating scene, until she meets a man that will take away all of her dating hesitations. Dr. Troy Williams, he has it going on and is everything that Camille wants in a man and more. He is absolutely gorgeous, with shoulder length black locks, nice brown eyes, and a body and smile to die for. He wines and dines her, making her feel like every woman should, and as if that weren't enough, he is a freak in the bedroom. Troy is truly showing Camille what it feels like to find Mr. Perfect. Unfortunately, it is at that very point that everything she believes about him comes to a screeching halt. Troy has a secret that will change Camille's life forever. Unaware of his lies and deceit, Camille has fallen in love with Troy and their relationship is now put to the test. Camille is determined to seek the answers behind his deceit, so she begins to examine the clues to the mystery. She discovers something that is beyond her wildest imagination. Camille is mortified with this discovery, so she confronts the love of her life and is faced with an ultimatum.
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Chermean Taylor
Cedrick Harmon
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Books by Chermean
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January 12, 2009