Perseverance: A History of African Americans in Oregon's Marion and Polk Counties (PB) (2011)

From the beginning, even before the wagon trains, African Americans have played an essential part in building Oregon. In Marion and Polk counties, they overcame the obstacles of wilderness, prejudice, and isolation, helping to create a vibrant community. They have often been left out of the paintings and statues, but Perseverance brings you many of their names and describes the ways they have made history, taking their rightful place among pioneers past and present in the Willamette Valley. Oregon history is the richer for Perseverance. Thanks to the Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers for documenting the history and character of Oregon 's African Americans. We can now fully embrace the African American community 's perseverance and hardships and triumphs and rejoice in their innumerable contributions to our state. This book shines a spotlight on some important Oregonians you ve probably never heard of, and fills large gaps in our state 's history. Mary Oberst, First Lady of Oregon, 2003 11 This carefully researched document brings the story of Oregon 's African Americans to life. Perseverance is a must read for those who love history and, even more, tales of the people who made Oregon. Victor Atiyeh, Governor of Oregon, 1979 87 This book fills a big gap in the history of African Americans in Oregon. I encourage history lovers to read it and learn more about an important aspect of Northwest history. George L. Vogt, Executive Director, Oregon Historical Society Perseverance offers an extremely insightful picture of Oregon history, providing a glimpse into the true diversity of Oregon society by giving voice to those who have previously been ignored. Readers will learn about the heritage of the African American community in western Oregon as well as the complexities and challenges they faced. Peter MacMillan Booth, PhD, Willamette Heritage Center at The Mill
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Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers
Sheridan McCarthy
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Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers
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August 1, 2011