Fate of the Dragon, 2 (PB) (2021)

Welcome to my home, isolated from society. We hide, not out of fear, but to protect ourselves from outside threats. Here in Watersville, Alaska, we are away from anyone who might try and do us any harm.

My name is Amara, and I am a Dragon. I am also the last female alive, which means it is up to me to carry on the gene. I don't exactly get a say in it, but that is fine. I am actually quite okay with it. I have a devoted fiancé and a loving family. My best friend, Jayden, is always by my side.

My only issue is that I don't have the freedom to do what I want. My father, who is also the Elder, controls every aspect of my life, right down to what I wear. He believes in upholding our image in the supernatural society, even though we haven't interacted with them in over five-hundred years.

It isn't that I have a problem with my father, it is only that I want to get out there and see the world. So, I packed my things and left. I landed in Golden Loch, Michigan.

While I had met some supernatural beings who had good intentions, there was two out there who wanted my family dead. I can't let them succeed. I also believe there is something more going on here then anyone is letting on. I have to find out the truth, save my family, and save a man who only wants to be left alone before my wedding day.

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Dana Macellaro
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July 1, 2021