The Journey for Justice (PB) (2020)

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The Journey for Justice contradicts the beliefs that black history is lost, by productxistent, and unimportant. The information in the book expands the knowledge on African American history, as well as reveals facts that have never been published. The research findings contribute to historical accuracy. I wish to reveal the contributions that enslaved families and their descendants have made to this country and are continuing to contribute to this country in their pursuit for equality and justice. My goals are to educate the public and preserve the African American history and heritage.

A wealth of information has been preserved in prominent planter families' collections and has been used to write extensive details about their lives. There is a lack of information or limited information on the enslaved African Americans on these plantations. What happened to these individuals after slavery--during Reconstruction and after?

My African American roots go back to Surry County, Virginia. My ancestors were enslaved on the Mount Pleasant/Swann's Point and Four-Mile Tree (located four miles from Jamestown) Plantations. These plantations were settled by the English in 1630s. After exhausting the land in Surry, the planters moved upriver for fertile farming land in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I am providing information on the lives of these enslaved African Americans during slavery, the ex-slaves during Reconstruction, and their descendants after Reconstruction.

After many years of researching the reliability of the oral histories and comparing this information with archival documents, I am presenting findings that are valid and worthy of publishing. The year 2019 marked the four-hundredth anniversary of people of African descent arriving in English North America. Now is an appropriate time to acknowledge their contributions to this country.


Sandra Rose Morris Kemp
ISBN 10:
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date:
April 20, 2020

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