The Exchange (PB) (2021)


The Exchange A Class '94 Mystery: A tale of Murder, Mayhem, Romantic Interludes and Humor.

On a glorious Spring day, after finishing a satisfying lunch at Tesse Mae's restaurant, Claire Elizabeth and Casey, barely miss tripping over a dead white man who'd been tossed into an alleyway like a discarded rag-doll.

When their other six friends, comprising the entire compliment of Class of '94 arrive to protect them, or take them to the hospital, they all inadvertently, and most definitely unintentionally, become entangled in the spurious web woven by hundreds of Money Markets which span the entire Globe; from Wall Street to Beirut, from Dubai to Moscow and from Gaza to Beijing.

Class '94's eight members have been friends since high school where they've won trophies, medals and titles for cycling, tennis, racing, softball and skiing (due to the auspices and efforts of their exceptional coach, herself a Single Sull medalist).

Poverty was their jailer. Their coach and guardian angel was their bail-bondswoman. She trained them, transformed them and

guided them into a future where sports became their stepping stones to success.

After their days of competition ended, and the ensuing years of higher education were completed using monies won in their individual sports, they settled down in their home town of Kerry, Ohio.

In THE EXCHANGE they find themselves dangerously entangled in the convoluted global Money Markets, murder, killers, flash drives and the FBI.

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Aria Creek
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December 15, 2021