Nightmare #1 (HC) (2021)

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Almost nine years after being arrested, convicted and sentenced to life plus in federal prison for Murder, Continuance Of a Criminal Enterprise (CCE), and Kingpin related charges, the man known on the streets only as "Nightmare", is on the verge of having his convictions tossed, and eager to return with a vengeance to his gang's turf, Chicago IL, besides it not being safe for him to return.

While inside, he was referred to, researched, and retained legal help from a female lawyer, Jettica "ReeRee" Jackson, to fight at having him resurrected. Throughout the attorney-client privilege, the two become acquainted on a personal level. The relationship is to bear a severe penalty as it progresses.

Nightmare has a brotherhood with Ricky Isaacs-now "Chief Ricky"-prior to arrest which dated to their teenage years, as Ricky and a few others were acquitted in separate trials. The bond the two has becomes toxic, and they part ways untrusting of the other. Ricky has his issues in his camp, and works at them, while Nightmare does too, but manages to overcome, make ties, and elevates in prison with lessons learned along the way.

Alliances are formed, and intentions are exposed, as Nightmare pushes through the dark aggressively towards a spark of light, leaving Ricky waging a personal war on many with no one off limits, only to realize he's doing more harm than good by remaining hell bent on street power over opting for a better way. He never sees the bigger picture-it's chess not checkers! He doesn't know how to let go.

Loyalty is frail... Trust is no more... Sides are taken... Bodies are dropped... It's all the way on, as power is sought, but only comes to the ruthless!


Prince a. Tauhid
ISBN 10:
True 2 Writing Literary Concepts LLC Presents
Publication Date:
July 4, 2021

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