Tahiry (HC) (2014)

In the City of Atlanta; the Gentlemen's Club Industry reign Supreme. Along-side the fledging music industry that contributes platinum hits every other month, together they both pull in Billions of dollars each year. You would actually have to live here or frequent the ATL to see the marriage these two have committed to each other. The biggest misconception is for someone to assume that it's all illegal. What many don't know, is that the city of Atlanta benefits off of every Stripper, Bouncer, Waitress, Dj and Bartender that works in the Gentlemen Club Industry. The truth of the matter is, for any girl wanting to Strip here in the ATL clubs, such as Onyx, Magic, Strokers, Pin Ups, Shooter, Follies, Blue Fame, Blaze, Oasis, Cheetah, Pleasers, Diamonds, Babes to name a few, and trust me there many more! You must first have a permit, from the County that club is in, before you can even think about dancing on any stage in this city. Yep that's right! These permits can only be obtained from the County Sheriff Department where they perform a thorough background check for Felonies and any open Warrants. If you have a conflicting felony you will not get a permit! If you have a warrant, you will not be leaving through the front door but going to the back in handcuffs instead. Permits range from $250-$475 per year depending on which club you are getting a permit for (That's every-year!). How do I know, you ask! Well, let's just say when I first got to the A, I took a Doorman position at one of the most notorious clubs in Atlanta where I met thousands of dancers whom led me to write this story. The club shall remain anonymous because they fired my butt for hustling too hard; Hell I was just trying to show them how to get paper. After all, I did just close a club back in South Khak that I ran for 12 years. Anyway that's another story. Regardless of what you may have seen or heard, the competition in these clubs are fierce and that makes for some slow nights when it come to the cash flow for some girls. So some of them, more times than by product; take it to the next level and do what they like to call private parties. For you squares out there, that means Escorting, or Tricking if you want to keep it street. I found myself in an interesting position while working at this ATL Gentlemen's club. The dancers confided in me and asked me to be their driver to some of these so called private parties. The stories from those nights and from other private discussions we had while riding in my car, was unreal! My true passion and God given talent is a writer, so I had to ask these girls if I could tell some of their stories; while keeping them anonymous of course. I was happy as a Kid in a candy store when they agreed. So here it is; several accounts of the ATL night life through the eyes of many dancers that I rolled into one character, whom I named Tahiry. Laced with Cocaine, Molly, Weed, Lean and Z-Bars, this life is in no way, full of glitz and glamour, true crime rides along at every turn, from the streets of ATL this is our story, cold Hearted and Street Official. R.I.P to the dancers we lost to the Strip Hustle. We got love for you.
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VIP Ink Publishing Group, Inc. / Printhouse B
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August 3, 2014