Healing Racial Trauma: The Road to Resilience

  • 2020 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award - Multicultural
  • 2021 Christianity Today Book Award - Christian Living/Discipleship Award

★ Publishers Weekly starred review
People of color have endured traumatic histories and almost daily assaults on our dignity. We have prayed about racism, been in denial, or acted out in anger, but we have not known how to individually or collectively pursue healing from the racial trauma. As a child, Sheila Wise Rowe was bused across town to a majority white school, where she experienced the racist lie that one group is superior to all others. This lie continues to be perpetuated today by the action or inaction of the government, media, viral videos, churches, and within families of origin. In contrast, Scripture declares that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Rowe, a professional counselor, exposes the symptoms of racial trauma to lead readers to a place of freedom from the past and new life for the future. In each chapter, she includes an interview with a person of color to explore how we experience and resolve racial trauma. With Rowe as a reliable guide who has both been on the journey and shown others the way forward, you will find a safe pathway to resilience.

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Sheila Wise Rowe
Foreword by:
Soong-Chan Rah
ISBN 10:
IVP Books
Publication Date:
January 7, 2020