Taste of Revenge #3 (PB) (2018)


Loved ones to fight for. Unexpected allies. A coven to take down. Just another day for the Van Wildens.

Everything is going perfectly for the Van Wildens.

The Council are on the verge of approving the eradication of the Forest Clan.

Morgana and Gareth have put their issues with Mariza behind them and are madly in love--even making plans to travel the world together after the mission is over.

Alastor, while he feels guilty for killing Mariza, is feeling good about being an agent. And his girlfriend, Ava, has an interview for her dream job at a big-city newspaper.

Oscar is ahead in the Mayoral campaign, which may mean he'll be able to stay in Oak Wood Hills, prolonging his human charade a bit longer.

Everything seems perfect.

But when the Council's decision comes through, everything turns pear shaped.

Ragnorok's original plans may have been thwarted, but he isn't going to let a few obstacles get in the way of his revenge against the Van Wildens, and even more importantly, bringing down the Council, especially since he now knows Morgana's weakness.

He is going to make them all pay.

Starting with her.

Taste of Revenge is the third book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight, and above all, they love.

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Jessica Gleave
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Jessica Gleave
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October 31, 2018