'Blind Date with a Black Book' Mystery Box

Fixed Shipping Cost:

Our mystery box is not your typical grab bag of titles sitting around a warehouse and/or bookstore. With our 'Blind Date with a Black Book' mystery box we aim is to introduce readers to either a genre, topic, perspective, or writing style that makes you say "wow." Leaning on our famed book curation and genuine love for black books we are intentionally selecting titles to expand ones reading palette and introduce you to new writers 

Your box will include 3 or 4 books with a mix of genres and bindings from both front list and backlist catalogs. Most importantly, your book will be written for, by, or about people from across the African Diaspora.


**We also cannot guarantee that the box not contain a book that already own or have not read. Please note that these boxes are not refundable and individual books are not exchangeable. Your box will be shipped independently of any other items in your item using USPS Media Mail.