The Teachings of My Soul (PB) (2023)

Step into fantasy, take a good look.

I can't go right now, my weekend is booked.

Live by the sun, and love by the moon.

Off to the stars as this story blooms.

Close your eyes and fall in love. Get lost in the experiences of passion, loss, and growth that form around the restorative properties of poetic verses. This poetry collection is designed for the Modern Lover, born from heartache yet redeemed by wisdom of the Soul.

Excerpt: The Beach

Restorative elixir,

I'm buying what you sell.

Jet streams flowing rapidly,

emotions start to swell.

It seems like fate denied me,

but only time will tell.

Wash me, cleanse me, bathe me,

and refreshen every cell.

Delve into the inner parts of the self: The teachings of one's Soul.

The Teachings of My Soul contains versatile lines that appeal to the hearts of the contemporary reader through honesty and emotion. Each poem cracks through the outer shell of the poet to reveal a universal truth: all hearts seek love. It is an ode to the growth and potential of both the modern man and woman.

- Tanesha Jones, M.Ed.

Eva has expertly captured the reflection of those who decide to seek meaning from the experiences that life throws at us. There are high levels of intelligence and femininity that shine through. This poetry feels tangible, more than a simple compilation of abstract concepts.

- Celeste Jackson, PsyD

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Eva Myrick
Simply Affirm, LLC
Publication Date:
June 15, 2023