Mister Librarian #1 (CD) (2023)


Honey Williams doesn't trust men.

Between her father and last lover, a part of her struggles with resenting the entire species. She's spent the past six months hidden in the safety of her parents's home hoping her kind heart will never be the cause of pain and misfortune again. That seems possible until a cranky client causes chaos ... which leads to her meeting Mr. Librarian.

A natural protector, Kahlil Roberts feels like less of a man if he can't serve those in need. When he finds the honey-complexioned beauty sobbing in his library, there's no question of if he should help her or not. What Kahlil doesn't expect is for her presence to help him as well. For years, Kahlil has struggled with feeling guilty for not being able to save the person who needed him most. Finally, he believes he has a chance to make things right.

While both Honey and Kahlil have voids the other can fill, there are also reservations and past fears keeping them apart. As easy as their connection was, it proves to be a bit more difficult to keep their secrets and skeletons from ripping them apart. Throughout their journey for one another's hearts, an enemy from Kahlil's past threatens their lives. Will Mr. Librarian be able to save Honey again, or will she become another person he fails when they need him most?

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B. Love
Read by:
Opal Black
Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date:
January 17, 2023