Parables of Milk and Might: Development Political Satire - The Voices of the Affected (PB) (2008)

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"Throughout the book, Parables of Milk and Might, the central theme presented is the inter-relationship between power and wealth and its influence on the political, economic, social and military development in the world. With power, wealth can be amassed and with wealth, power can be wielded. The transatlantic slave trade and colonialism which robbed Africa of her human and natural resources and brought wealth to the participating countries are classical examples of the demonstration of power and wealth, based on Darwin's theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest . Countries with neither power, nor wealth can only be poor. In almost all the lectures I delivered on international development in universities, research centers and international organizations in Germany, I have always tried to sensitize people about the unfairness in the global economic system, which is causing poverty and underdevelopment in the world. It is a logical sequence, that after repeatedly treating problems of development in lectures and seminars for such a long time and always continuing to think over these in bed, new ideas will always be produced. With these ideas recurring in my mind, and in a satirical form, I had no other choice than to write this book in the form of parables. The vocabulary and names created in the original German version add humor to the facts presented in these parables. The main purpose for writing this book is to use it to sensitize many people, both in the industrial countries, as well as in the developing world, particularly in Africa and in Asia, the Caribbean and South American countries, about the negative effects of the global economic system, which is controlled by the powerful and wealthy countries, to the disadvantage of the developing countries. This sensitization will increase the awareness of people about the effects of this negative development, which is the cause of poverty, underdevelopment and conflicts in the world." Quotes from the book: "Mr. Schlotterhose rushes to his friend Prof. Grosskopf for help in the homework of his son, who has to write an essay on a topic in development politics. While both are drinking colonialwater and discussing this topic, three dairy experts, who are professionals on this subject and are preparing to fly to Ghamaronda in Akirfa come to join them in an impromptu colonialwater party. The dairy experts introduce themselves and give an account of their dairy business in the calveslands." "After the dairy experts depart to the airport, on their way to Ghamaronda, in Akirfa, two calves, Machemba and Adoli-Laaringa suddenly approach the house of the Grosskopfs. Prof. Grosskopf invites them to a second colonialwater party and seminar on his balcony. Mrs. Grosskopf who hails from Venecobra in South Akirema is delighted to have calves from Akirfa in their house. Her great grandparents had been captured in Akirfa by Milk Search Troops (MSTs) from Parlonbru and shipped to Kibirak, North and South Akirema, where they were sold to milkseekers from Parlonbru for milk. The seminar covers on this subject and the work of the dairy experts, which is the cause of milklessness in calveslands."


ISBN 10:
Blue Ocean Press
Publication Date:
January 5, 2008

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