Lady Scarface (PB) (2018)

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ZitrO Publications is proud to present the new and revised edition of the book that started a saga. Lady Scarface, when released by then new author, Divine OrtiZ, reached the number one spot on Amazon's Hot New Release and Best Sellers list in the Urban Fiction genre.

When eight year old Tiana Brantz witnessed the cold blooded murder of her loving parents, she became Lady Scarface..though at the time she didn't know it. The same bullets that sent her parents to heaven also left a scar on her beautiful face and in her broken heart. Designated as a ward of the state, Tiana, with the help of her brother Shabazz, manages to survive 10 years in the Baychester Diagnostic group home for adolescents. Once she is released from Baychester, Tiana finds herself in a whole new world with decisions to make. And decisions she does indeed make.

On the surface, Tiana is the picture of poise and grace, rising to the top of the judicial scene as one of Atlanta's best Federal defense attorneys. However, underneath that elegant exterior is a murderous spirit fueled by a thirst for blood and violence. Ms. Brantz is definitely destined for greatness..but so is Lady Scarface. Tiana takes no prisoners and shows no mercy, in the courtroom or on the streets of New York, where her brother oversees her empire. She is rich, beautiful, loyal and intelligent and along with Shabazz sets out to make a killing, literally, rolling over anybody that gets in her way. Most women wouldn't dream of getting their nails dirty. Most women would back down from confrontation. Most women would avoid death at any cost. But most women are not Tiana Brantz. Tiana Brantz is Lady Scarface!


Divine Ortiz
Cover Design by:
Nikki A. Ortiz
ISBN 10:
Zitro Publications
Publication Date:
March 1, 2018

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