Bad Boys Do It Better 2: In Love With an Outlaw (PB) (2017)


Luke was the one man Janelle never saw coming but now that he's here, she isn't able to let him go. All the things she hates about him-- his massive ego, rude demeanor and unapologetic thuggish ways-- begin to be the exact things she realizes she can't do without. And he seems to have fallen just as deeply for her, the good girl he just can't leave alone. But when she confesses her feelings for him, will it bring them closer or drive them apart?

Carmella is miserable without Cree but has problems in Cali that are stealing her attention. But when the opportunity to return to New York presents itself, she flies back without a second thought about the consequences. Cree's focus is on never letting her get away again and everything is going according to plan until Carmella gets involved in something that threatens their new relationship. With her rising bad habits and new profession, all that is left for her to do is hope that Cree will, for once in his life, see things her way.

Sidney is back in the place she thought she'd never be again-- head over heels in love with Yolo. But this time, he reciprocates it the way that she always wanted, proudly showing her off as his girl. However, someone is not too happy about their new public love--- his ex girlfriend, LaTrese. With Yolo telling Sidney that LaTrese is a non-factor, she trusts his words, knowing he's never told her a lie. But when a new situation comes about, hitting Yolo right where it hurts, will this still remain true?

The saga continues in a way that by product of these couples ever expected.

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Porscha Sterling
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Sullivan Productions LLC
Publication Date:
February 18, 2017