Equal Protection Under God (PB) (2021)


God does not discriminate based on gender. American law prohibits discrimination based on gender. In a country that values equality and rights, shouldn't the American church lead the way in treating women equally with men? In America, of all countries, shouldn't a woman be free to pursue what God has called her to do?

Recognizing the importance of the United States Supreme Court on the lives of Christians in America, attorney and theologian, Tanya Hendrix, dives into the Bible and American case law to examine the treatment of women by Jesus and in America in her book, Equal Protection Under God. Using her unique perspective, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek humor, she draws lessons from American case law and the Bible to make the case for equality for women in the church. Her message equips women with the knowledge they are valued, give value, and deserve equal treatment. A life-long advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking, she explores the consequences of devaluing women and withholding opportunities based solely on a woman's "accident of birth" as female.

"We the People" is more than just the first three words of the Constitution. It stands for the equal treatment and value of all in America, including women. Redemption for women and the church is found in Jesus alone, but the United States Supreme Court has recognized the value of women and provided a path for the church to follow to reach equality for women. Tanya believes God has given all of us gifts and abilities and that He is the only one who can direct how they are used. Women have equal rights and protection under the law in the United States. With Jesus as Savior and Redeemer, women have equal rights and protection under God.

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Tanya Hallford Hendrix
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Performance Publishing Group
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July 1, 2021