Meant For You #1 (PB) (2019)


Finnish investor Olli Tuominen was supposed to be marrying the woman of his dreams--but the day of the wedding, he's hit with the hard reality. In the eyes of the law, and on paper, he's still married to his first wife Benny. Walking away from a love like hers had always been difficult, but serving her divorce papers proved even more obstacle. Still the enchanting beauty he remembered her to be, his first love might still harbor a fire that can't be extinguished.

Bendicíon Obiang thought she'd never see Olli again. She certainly didn't plan after an eight-year estrangement that the reason he'd re-enter her life was to confirm her deepest fear. Her only true love was moving on. Could this happenstance reunion be the push she needs to finally reveal the truth after all this time? That they share a child?

Reuniting face to face should've been simple. Sign the divorce papers. Wish him happiness on his new life. Go back to California. Only a Nordic snowstorm has other plans for the past lovers; plans that include Benny on her knees succumbing to Olli's dominance.

It only takes one weekend to make two things perfectly clear. The former submissive was always his to claim, and the secret she's been keeping might just be the thing that breaks him.

This story features a BWWM couple with no cheating and a HEA. This read is steamy and spicy featuring a dormant Dominant who reunites with his former submissive and despite what you take from the blurb features NO CHEATING! If Dominance and submission isn't your cup of tea, sit this one out but for those that enjoy it, this quiet, grumpy Alpha knows how to melt his way into your heart.

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G. L. Tomas
Little Pear Editing
ISBN 10:
Rebellious Valkyrie Press
Publication Date:
August 9, 2019