From One Extreme to Another (PB) (2012)

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This revealing book, From One Extreme to Another, takes you into the fascinating world of Michael Gordon, better known as Big Youth and Chabba Melo from his Soferno-B, Stereograph and Destiny Outernational sound system days, and now as Minister Michael Gordon. It shows how a charismatic young man, with natural intelligence, ability, focus, and inspiration, overcame obstacles, temptations and diverse circumstances such as racism, a crippling illness and near death experiences, greed, envy, gun violence, murder, and the perils of drug smuggling, to legitimately carve for himself and his family a desirable lifestyle. From One Extreme to Another starts off telling what it was like living in one of London's most famous inner city areas, Brixton, during the 1960s to the early 1980s. It gives a most accurate and in-depth revelation of the world of what was then the biggest, most influential outlet for the African-Caribbean community - the musical sound system. This information comes directly from a man who has successfully lived it to the fullness, firstly in London, then for several years in Jamaica, the capital of the reggae music business. He then returns to England, where life becomes a roller coaster ride of heartbreak, mental torment, loss of wealth, and a life-threatening illness, but also brings the joy of divine miracles. The story concludes with what the author describes as the greatest accomplishment of his life - his conversion to become a Born Again Christian and a minister, accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. Truly, this is a story everyone should read. You will find much to connect with and be inspired by. God Bless.


Minister Michael Gordon
ISBN 10:
Tamare House
Publication Date:
December 24, 2012

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