Positive African American Plays for Children Book 3


Positive African American Plays For Children" is a great way to introduce children to drama. Filled with lessons, morals, and creativity, "Positive African American Plays For Children" is one of a kind. Book 3 features plays about the first African American President Barack Obama, the first African Amerian female Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice, the second African American to win an Olympic Gold Medal in swimming Cullen Jones, and other great plays concerning health and finances. This book will show you how to produce a great play. You will learn all you need to know about stage settings, using costumes and props, rehearsals, and helping the children be the best they can. Children enjoy reading and performing these plays. The lines are short but powerful with easy to follow directions. Settings are flexible enough to be produced almost anywhere. The plays are fun education and educational. Children improve important skills such as reading, writing, listening, and public speaking. With each performance children build high self-esteem, strengthen confidence, and provides positive motivation. "Positive African American Plays For Children" are suitable for schools, back yards, churches, boys and girls' clubs or any place where children gather.

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Jeffery Bradley
Publication Date:
December 01, 2008