Orishas: The Complete Guide to Yoruba Tradition, Sacred Rituals, the Divine Feminine, and Spiritual Enlightenment of African Cu (PB) (2022)


Are you fascinated by Yoruba traditions?Do you want to learn more about them, their rituals and wisdom?You can find it all in this compelling book!

The Orisha spirits play a key role in the Yoruba religion that arose in West Africa. Legend has it that the supreme creator sent them, to teach humanity how to be successful on Earth while some practitioners believe that Orishas are a different class of divine beings who became deified upon death as a result of the lives they had led and what they had accomplished while on Earth.


In this new book, Orishas, you can gain an in-depth understanding of this intriguing religion, through chapters on:

  • An overview of the Yoruba culture
  • Beliefs and traditions they follow
  • The colors of the Orisha
  • Worshipping the Orishas in prayer and sacrifice
  • White and dark Orishas
  • How to connect with and talk to Orishas
  • Festivals

And more...


In more recent times the Orishas found their way across the Atlantic via the slave route and there are now many branches of the religion in several regions of the Americas, all keeping the traditions alive for the coming generations.

If you want to know more, get a better understanding of these practices and know the answers to all your questions, Orishas is the book that provides them.




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Odette J. Toussaint
ISBN 10:
P.L.M. Publications
Publication Date:
August 19, 2022