Lo-Fi (PB) (2022)

"A depraved and offbeat leap out of the fifth wall straight into the loony bin."

"An unofficial love letter to Anaïs Nin, inspired by her three novelettes in 'Winter of Artifice, ' and her literature about a writer's experiences in psychotherapy."

An art designer, and music critic at a Toronto music venue, is tracing an almost famous indie rock band, but he's about to become a two-time Master of Fine Arts dropout. In a drunken interview with Guerin Tracy, a semi-famous indie rocker, the interview goes sour when Ox mentions Guerin's infamous Kikkoman Soy Sauce t-shirt that turns out, doesn't fit anymore. Mid-life crisis in bloom, Ox starts to question whether society's distortions, or his own, are detaining him in this hell-bent journey to find a high fidelity, distortion-free existence. A handful of dead-end romantic relationships further drive him into his toxic, yet uniquely magic-sprung brand of disillusionment. When the magic for Ox and his eccentric good intentions start conspiring against him like a scoundrel ex-girlfriend, he finds satisfaction in knowing he's learned to accept a future that's totally distorted.

This amp-cranked, rock and rolling psychological fiction is a transgressive meditation of an ex-musician, turned writer, searching for profound connections from within the desolation of the inner-workings of the music industry, psychotherapy, and in and out of a Toronto psychiatric institution. Luckily, there's a sophisticated love interest he knows he can always turn to as his muse: the timeless voices of the legendary female writers for whom he elicits a quirky yearning and affinity.

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Michael Whone
ISBN 10:
Bolero Bird
Publication Date:
March 4, 2022