Who am I (HC) (2022)

Do you know who you are?

To know oneself is a beautiful thing because it can lead to much happiness, confidence, and a stronger sense of self down the road we call life.

For children, it's essential that they learn who they are now, while they are still young, to lessen conflicts with identity they will face in the future. Through this beautiful story, follow along on a little girl's journey as she explores pathways to self-acceptance, self-love- and self-discovery.

A perfect story for building children's self-confidence and self-awareness, through positive affirmations, rhymes, and breath-taking illustrations. This book's age range is between 3-7 years and up.

Book Extras include:

  • A self-esteem and confidence building activity sheet list in the back of the book.
  • Great examples of the importance of self-reflection.
  • A wonderful demonstration of how family, friends, and teachers can have a positive influence on a child's self-esteem and self-development.
  • Plentiful talking points for children and their guardians to analyze and discuss throughout the story.
  • A rhyming, poem-like story with professionally drawn illustrations.

This book is perfect for:

  • All ages and gender

This is a story the entire family can read, explore, and enjoy together.

Fun Fact:

Why doesn't the little girl in this story have a name?

The little girl in this story is nameless because she is a placeholder. I wanted whatever child who read this story, regardless of race or gender, to put themselves in those little girl's shoes, and feel as bold and as confident as the little girl in this story.

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Dana Jay
Yuliia Tsurkan
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Dana Jay
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February 8, 2022
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Children & Young Adult