Broken Glass (PB) (2021)


Terri Dawson has been chasing a dream; a dream of becoming an A-list actress to the likes of Viola Davis or Regina King. Though she's had her share of supporting roles in television and even on the big screen, she's struggled to achieve that pinnacle of success she's always wanted. As respectable and Oscar-worthy roles become harder to come by, the industry and in one last ditch effort to salvage what was left of her career, she begrudgingly accepted an offer to become a regular on a hit reality television show based in Atlanta only to be fired after the first season. Wallowing in self-pity and junk food, Terri sells her condo, packs up her car and makes a beeline out of Atlanta to figure out what's next?

Devastation, Louisiana is all a buzz about the new resident in town. A famous actress has bought a house and decided to call the small town home. Dr. Nicholas "Nick" Hunt, born and raised in Devastation, practices medicine in New Orleans. When he comes home for a quick visit for a few days, he meets the beautiful, Terri Dawson. Several years older than he is, Nick doesn't let something as silly as age get in the way of pursuing this gorgeous woman, convinced that she might just be the one.

Luther has never forgiven himself for not being there for his wife when she needed him most. Years later, her death still haunts him, compelling him to walk away from his passion-music. By the time he realizes the error of his ways, he's left with a strained relationship with his only son, and the guilt of not being there for the boy during the darkest moments of his life. Terri Dawson is light, a second chance at life, but does he deserve a fresh start?

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J. D. Mason
ISBN 10:
Spirit in the Dark Publishing, LLC
Publication Date:
June 10, 2021