I Am Porcelain: The Naked Truth (HC) (2021)

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Born and raised in a city that held no dreams, Brittiny had to learn the consequences of utilizing sex as her answer to everything. She never knew that a broken daughter could become a broken woman. I am Porcelain embraces the promiscuous girl; it revels in her name and helps her heal from harsh realities, with the art AND the power of words.

I am Porcelain derived from the dust of Brittiny's first poetic novel, The Naked Truth. Determined to pay a debt owed to herself, Brittiny decided to challenge the person she had become. Reliving experiences from her past, she set forth to open new wounds and reveal old scars. The skeletons she wished never to bear present themselves in a revamped collection of poetry and new chapters detailing secrets and trauma from her childhood and adolescent life.

There are 109 poems and 5 chapters in which envelop the truths of a Broken Daughter. A Broken Daughter is born when traumatic events occur, but they are overlooked in attempt to avoid what has happened. Broken Daughters encounter abuse, rape, molestation, abandonment, and other sources of trauma such as death(s) of family or friends.

Often times, Broken Daughters cannot grasp love quite the way they should, and they cannot gather direction in their lives because not only do they possess the fear of facing what they've run from, they also have no idea how to let it go.

Brittiny addresses how letting go is good for the soul and how celebrating yourself, no matter what you've done is needed. She addresses how every Broken Daughter, every woman, is worthy of love and all good things.


Brittiny Deshon Morehead
ISBN 10:
Eat My Lyrics Publishing Company, LLC
Publication Date:
September 23, 2021

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