A Second Chance (PB) (2020)


Tracey Parker cannot escape her destructive past. Even after her divorce and her ex-husband Tony's eventual prison sentence, she still feels the echoes of the abuse she suffered by his hands. With her children in tow, Tracey picks up the pieces of her life and starts anew. She finds her saving grace when she meets Mike. Building a relationship on their mutual pain and love for their children, Tracey and Mike fall deeply in love and get married. He reminds her what passion for another human being feels like and gives her renewed hope for the future-that is, until her past catches up with her.

From prison, Tony learns of Tracey's newfound happiness and escapes with the intent to punish his ex-wife for her betrayal. At first, he uses covert scheming to torment her mind and terrify her family, and his intent grows increasingly more violent as Tracey proves more resilient than he previously thought. Inside her new household, Tony's return threatens to destroy everything Tracey has built since their separation, but Mike will not let that happen. He steps up to support his wife and will do whatever it takes to protect Tracey and his family.

Will Tracey, Mike, and their family survive Tony's onslaught? Will Tracey let her past overtake her or will she find the strength to overcome it all? Her second chance at love depends on it.

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C. Samuel
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August 21, 2020