Carthage: A Captivating Guide to the Carthaginian Empire and Its Conflicts with the Ancient Greek City-States and the Roman Repu (PB) (2020)


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Very few of the ancient empires and nations were able to challenge the Romans, who were famous for their military might. Even fewer were able to make them shiver just by mentioning their name. In fact, only one enemy of Rome managed to engrave such fear into their bones. That was Carthage, sometimes called the Carthaginian Empire. It was a formidable state that stretched across northern Africa, from Algeria and Tunisia to the shores of Morocco and southern Spain. In its heyday, it was a formidable force that controlled much of the western Mediterranean. As such, it was the first real obstacle to the rise of the Roman state, the only one which almost brought it down before it even became an ancient superpower. Hannibal Barca, the most famous Carthaginian leader, was at one point in front of the gates of Rome. Because of that, the Carthaginian Empire, usually personified by Hannibal himself, is typically seen and described as the great foe of Rome, one of the rare daunting opponents the Romans faced.

However, despite the truth behind such sentiments, Carthage was much more than just an enemy of Rome. It was a thriving state, with its own culture and way of life. Its people were more than just soldiers. Among them were merchants, artists, artisans, priests, farmers, and much more. They built temples and palaces, houses and markets, and they erected entire cities across their not-so-small empire. In fact, behind the visage of Carthage as the adversary of the Romans lays an entire civilization worthy of our attention. Uncovering it from the shrouded veils of the past will not only help us understand Carthage itself, as well as its conflicts with Rome, but it will also give us a better comprehension of the ancient world as a whole. This guide will try to do precisely that, paint both sides of the coin that is the Carthaginian Empire, hopefully sparking your interest to find out more about both Carthage and history in general.

In Carthage: A Captivating Guide to the Carthaginian Empire and Its Conflicts with the Ancient Greek City-States and the Roman Republic in the Sicilian Wars and Punic Wars, you will discover topics such as

  • A New City in the West
  • Becoming a Mediterranean Power
  • Fighting for Control over Sicily
  • From Allies to Enemies
  • From Allies to Enemies
  • Succumbing to the Wounds
  • The Carthaginian Society and Government
  • Army of the Carthaginian Republic
  • The Punic Civilization
  • And much, much more!

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Captivating History
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Captivating History
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May 26, 2020