Street Politics (PB) (2022)

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With so much at stake, turning back to what I'd known for twenty to twenty-five years was probably a given, especially after never fully getting a chance to actually see what my true potential was. Then after giving this fucked-up state twelve long years of my life, leaving empty-handed wasn't an opinion.

So I'd be choosing the people I surrounded myself with very wisely because, at the end of the day, those decisions made the difference in dreams becoming reality. Because being raised in Chicago meant living the nightmare people read about or see on television, which was why my team identified with one another struggle because we all came from the nightmare.

How quickly I could get Red (the most valuable piece to the puzzle) to fully believe in our mission held a lot of weight. He was one of the deadliest people walking planet Earth. The streets whispered about his dirty deeds and body count. He would ultimately be my personal hand of death. But also important, he knew by product of the people I'd be surrounding him with. Therefore, he'd have an unbiased opinion when it was time to weed out the snakes and rats.

I also knew from experience that in any climb to the top with other individuals, it was highly unlikely everyone makes it to the top of the mountain. You just hope those that fall cut their ropes and don't take everyone with them.

Who would have ever known that such big-city tactics could be so devastating to Wisconsin and so many other places as a whole? But bringing so many likewise minds together, who'd stop at nothing to build the future we have foreseen, can definitely have a very dangerous result.


Allen Ladd
ISBN 10:
Fulton Books
Publication Date:
May 12, 2022

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