The Scarred Child Behind the Mask (PB) (2020)

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The Scarred Child Behind the Mask is about a misunderstood child who suffers from the lack of proper education foundation, injustice at the hands of government, inadequate funding for public school setting especially the suburban vs. urban schools and poor parenting (our children became victims of wrong decisions). As a result, the child is unable to perform at his or her best. Unfortunately, students are defined by their zip code and tax bracket. It does not matter if the person has mental health issues or if the person is an ESL (English as second language) student, a child with behavioral problems, or if the person does not have the proper foundation. Nevertheless, all of them are expected to take the same statewide assessment test prior to their high school graduation. With all of these hardships and the injustices, along with my experiences, the need to write this book in two parts was essential. For each time I came across a disadvantaged child, an inner city kid, a mental health student, an ADHD student that has autism or a child that suffers from trauma was a mirror reflection of who I was at one time. But, with the help of God, counseling, therapeutic services, a support network, determination and perseverance, the child that was once scarred behind the mask can become somebody and prevail and become a contributor in society. In this book, you will find various stories and examples of people who have the "I can do" stories and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). The Scarred Child Behind the Mask is my story and the story of many others. We all have a part to play!


Palleh Wreh-Toe
ISBN 10:
Covenant Books
Publication Date:
August 6, 2020

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