The Boys in the Club (PB) (2023)

This book will ship on Mar 28, 2023
Four gay men struggle to find a balance between their work lives and their club personas before the nightlife consumes them.

It is said that all work and no play makes life dull. Justin, Keith, Marcus, and Evan love to do both. These young guys are four hard-working professionals who also have an addiction to club life.

Keith is in the banking field, trying to rise to the top as easily as possible, but it is not happing as fast as he would like. Justin is a caregiver with a heart of gold. He loves taking care of the needs of his patients, but he is on the search for someone to take care of his needs. Marcus is a therapist with impeccable wisdom and honesty. He owns his own business, and it is doing well. His life seems perfect, but his work life is boring him to tears. Evan is the handsome hunk of the bunch. He is a personal trainer who will whip you into shape with ease, though his own life is in shambles.

Partying hard gets easier to do as the pressures of life get the best of them. Drinking, bad decisions, and bad boys are always a recipe for disaster. The club life seems like the perfect escape, but could it ruin their lives?

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Mondell Pope
ISBN 10:
Urban Renaissance
Publication Date:
March 28, 2023