The Brown Paper Bag Boyz & the Colorism Experiment! (PB) (2019)


How powerful of an effect does colorism have on twin brothers Malcolm and Luther King? They're from Compton, California, where beating the odds is hard to do. Colorism is at the center of personal dysfunction and unbelievable self-hatred on a level you've not seen in a while! These people are real as can be, but express their stories in extraordinary ways. They go through similar yet vastly different experiences. Through colorism they find two different paths based on the way they're perceived. The perception is not based on individual merit. For the most part, it's based on the skin tones of the brothers. Malcolm King is light-skinned while Luther King is dark-skinned. Each one gets treated a certain way whether good or bad. Choices are made that influence their paths. One goes off to Harvard; the other one goes off to prison. Together they're a magnet subjected to the pain, judgment, favoritism, and the mirror is bright through comparison. Powerful truths, sacrifices, and high crimes will be revealed. The consequences reach an all-time high. It could end very badly! Can the Brown Paper Bag Boys make it through the hurricane that is the colorism experiment? This sixty-two-thousand-word fictional drama, The Brown Paper Bag Boyz and the Colorism Experiment, is a fantastic fictional commentary on today's times. This book is a fresh new look into the subject of colorism. I have nothing to compare it with and given the right awareness, this title will be a staple on the topic of colorism. Even creating a standard in dialogue through these two interesting characters Malcolm and Luther King. You'll find their humanity through the thick cloud of self-hatred weaved into a griping entertaining yet heart-drenched bond with major life-changing consequences. What would you risk for the love of a brother? Everything!

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Darrell Harper
ISBN 10:
Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
October 18, 2019