Keeper of the Lake (PB) (2019)


While making their way north, Moses and Beulah Davis had walked for weeks before stumbling upon a cabin by the lake. They decided to stop just long enough to bathe and wash away their past. The water was pure, clean, pristine, and serene. That night as they lay sleeping, Zashuwanna came to Beulah in a dream. "The land is yours," she told them. Beulah did not believe at first, but eventually, the land was presented to them by the previous owners and the couple settled on the parcel and raised a family.

Moses thought, to keep his family happy and safe, he was determined to conceal them within the confines of his property while keeping others out. However, as his children grew, their curiosity of outside world opened the gates. While they made their way out, others made their way in. Once the two worlds collided, it became a matter of kill or be killed.

Moses fear of what could happen beyond the gates became a reality when his eldest son, Seth, ran home to tell his father, "Pa, we had no other choice. We had to do it." To save his son's life, Moses felt he had no other choice but to place the bodies of the two Baxter brothers in the lake. As the years passed, the Baxter brothers were not the only two that found the now poisoned waters as their final resting place. After several decades, Moses discovered why the land was given to him. For he was chosen to become keeper of the lake.

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Carolyn Prentice Smith
ISBN 10:
Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
May 25, 2019