A Daughter's Secret (PB) (2018)

An innocent online DNA test releases fifty years of hidden and long-buried secrets. Her husband takes an online DNA test to help in building his family tree and research his ancestry. His wife is somewhat amused by it and doesn't have much interest in it because she knows here heritage. After a few weeks, his DNA results come back. Happy times for him! During a visit to the in-laws, her husband tells his sister and his family all about his results. His sister Joyce is so excited about hearing their origins. She starts dancing around, doing a dance that she believes would have been done there. Everyone is laughing and having fun. This sort of peeks her interest, and after returning home from a three-hour drive, she says to her husband, "You know, I think I want to do the DNA test." He is a surprised by this, looks at her, and for no particular reason says, "You sure you really want to do this?" She replies, "Yes, I know my nationalities but want to know how much of each." Weeks later, her results come back-not exactly what she expected. Actually, it's a little surprising. Over the next few months, she learns that for fifty plus years she has been holding a secret.
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Jacqueline McDonald
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Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
May 22, 2018