How to Survive with Your Mind (PB) (2019)


Purpose of the book. The book is therapy and reveals how I coped through life. I hope that the book will help others cope in rough situations. I want the book to show (by example) how you can make mistakes but live your life with no regrets. I want the readers to see that even at your lowest point, you can find blessings in your relationship with god. The strength of faith, that faith will enable you to accept the trials and tribulations of life. I advocate in making everyday life a meditation or prayer to God. Having a relationship with God, you can survive anything. Let the power of the mind equal what's in your heart. Christians aren't made in church, but in thoughts and actions.

Audience. Women eighteen to forty who have or who might find themselves in similar situations--abusive relationships, encouraged abortions, etc. I want to help women recognize the signs of healthy versus abusive relationships.

Definition of success. I feel that every time I get up and get out of bed, I experienced a personal success. I feel that I achieved success in my faith and relationship with God--my profound belief. I'm happy with myself, and this stems from my belief in God. I'm calm in my life. Faith is the only thing you have to survive--not drugs, not alcohol. Rely on faith; earthly escapes will destroy you. I also found a measure of success in my professional life.

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Anjel B. Zabek
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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
May 3, 2019