Crossing Racial Boundaries: My Journey Across the Racial Divide (PB) (2018)


The book recounts my struggles and suffering under colonial oppression in Southern Africa (Rhodesia). It exposes a vicious cycle of racial hatred perpetrated against black people by white supremacists on my homeland and abroad. I was discriminated and deprived of individual rights because of the color of my skin. In education, I was segregated and confronted with conflicting irreconcilable cultural and social values from the West. I was denied equal justice and access to education with restricted freedoms to choose where to live, assemble, or who to marry and associate with. Through a series of unfortunate political events and circumstances, I took up arms and fought for freedom in my homeland. I was imprisoned and persecuted for sedition and was accused of political treason without due process. During this period, I found sanctuary in my American and Canadian teachers, who catapulted me to study science at American universities in California. Even then, I continued to suffer the horrors of racism implicitly imbedded in white America. Remarkably, I would also find love and support across racial lines, and I was blessed with two beautiful biracial children born in America. With the passage of time, I came to terms with my difficult past and began to heal from the indelible wounds of racism. With renewed hope for freedom in America, I harnessed the healing power of love and forgiveness across racial barriers. Sadly, my dreams were unpredictably shattered by the death of my twenty-seven-year-old daughter in an auto accident, leading me to question the meaning and purpose of life on this cosmic journey of existence.

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Kenneth Myambo
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Covenant Books
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July 27, 2018