Caribbean Girl in America (PB) (2016)


Do you feel that your innocence was taken from you? Do you believe that you've wasted years of your life going from pillar to post in relationships after relationships? Were there toxic relationships you were in and appalling things done to your mind and body? In your life time, were you too ashamed to even talk about it with anyone? Caribbean Girl in America will talk about Carla Richard's young innocence. This would later play a part in how she dealt with life, her family, and the demons who wanted to control her destiny.
As a Born-again Christian and spiritual caretaker of her family, Carla tells her story of having a young Caribbean girl's dream of someday reuniting with her mother and father. Raised by an extended family as an infant, Carla grew up in a loving and traditional family environment. She grew up feisty, but yet naIve before being uprooted from her care-free lifestyle in the Caribbean.

In these pages, she will share with you her sorrows and joys, and pray that you won't have to go through the hell on earth she once walked through. So, do you believe that this book is for you?

Some of the contents in this book is not intended to glamourize the lifestyle I lived. However, the main purpose of writing my book, is to informed young women of all ages, that God created you for a purpose. That purpose is to love God first and then yourselves. Never allow anyone or any circumstances in life dictate who God created you to be. Always know that you have a Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus. The Scripture Says: Matthew 19:26 King James Version (KJV) But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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Carla Richards
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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
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November 30, 2016