Division #3 (HC) (2019)


The Greatest Loss is what Dies Inside While We Live.

A bleak, emotionless void is not where Sophie Saterlee expected to find herself--again.

Olive has regained her rightful place as heir of the Ballard Family Coven, yet all is not right in the world of magics. Loring is free and plotting revenge--and he isn't even the only enemy to watch for. Plagued by traumatic memories, Sophie herself continues to fight the demons inside her mind. She would rather avoid her overwhelming grief altogether, but constant reminders of what she has already lost--as well as what she still stands to lose--make that impossible.

Death lingers around every corner and seeking safety under Donovan's roof is a last resort. Close quarters strain Sophie and Caine's already-battered relationship, and with her connection to Donovan gaining strength, progress is measured by how often Caine reaches the bottom of another bottle. The stress is overwhelming, and by product of them can anticipate the unintended consequences of their desperate solution.

Into this maelstrom of chaos and emotion steps a woman from Donavan's past, challenging the very definition of evil, and making Sophie and the others question everything they thought they knew about family and loyalty. They can finally see the true faces of their enemies--but can good triumph over evil? Or will Sophie's friends and family be divided forever?

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S. J. Cairns
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Solasta Press
Publication Date:
February 26, 2019