Your Miraculous Potential: Maximizing God's Gifts of Creativity, Guidance and Power


Are You Living Beneath Your Possibilities? 

In the middle of a crisis, Wayne Chaney prayed, "Please do not allow me to live beneath the possibilities in You!" You may have prayed a similar prayer. We all have the inherent desire to rise above our limitations--above even what is ordinary or natural. 

Wayne discovered that God does use everyday people, but that the release of our miraculous potential begins with a passion to know God and clearly hear His voice. Jesus' behavior always flowed from His intimacy with God, and He modeled this way of life for us, inviting us to follow Him into it. Imitating the life of Christ is not just a repetition of His actions but an adoption of the internal engine that allowed Him to produce His miraculous results. 

While there are many great books exclusively on miracles, healing, and revival, Your Miraculous Potential is a how-to manual for releasing your miraculous capacity in all areas of your life. 
It will enable you to...

  • Learn to clearly hear and understand the voice of God.
  • Recognize the multiple ways God speaks.
  • Discover God's will for you now and in the future.
  • Remove the barriers that keep you from enacting His purposes for your life.

The miraculous life is for all who have decided never to live beneath their God-given potential. 

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Wayne A. Chaney
Whitaker House
Publication Date:
November 01, 2016