I, We, Us: A Journey of Personal Growth & Development

"Are you seeking personal growth and development in yourself? Are you looking for creative ways to bring harmony and balance to your life? Join author Richard Cox in I, We, Us as he takes you on a personal journey of self-discovery.
I, We, Us explores the three identity dimensions of self. First, the idea of self is viewed in terms as a single individual, then as a partner in a marriage, and finally as a parent in a family unit. Having a solid understanding of self can provide a strong foundation for open and honest communication with others. These fundamental characteristics will enhance your identities as a partner in a marriage and as a parent in a family unit. As you read I, We, Us, you will discover many hidden treasures and gifts about yourself. I, We, Us explains through biblical references, principles, and concepts how to achieve harmony and balance between your three identity dimensions. I, We, Us shares insightful knowledge to stimulate your personal growth and development. Richard Cox is a graduate of Campbell University and the Long Ridge Writer's Group. He also is a freelance writer for,, and He lives with his wife, Lena (Gail), and son, Brent, in Clinton, Maryland, who inspired I, We, Us."
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